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Year of Release  : 1996

Language            : Tamil

Directed by         : Shankar

Cast                     : Kamal Haasan, Sukanya, Nedumudi Venu, Manisha Koirala

A thoroughly written and directed action film with Kamal Haasan in a double role as Senapathy alias Indian and his son Chandra Bose aka Chandru. It tells the story of a freedom fighter Senapathy who resorts to violence under the name Indian after understanding the depths that the country is in because of the 'system of bribery'. Kamal Haasan is the soul of the film. watch this film and you will know why Kamal is called a perfectionist. If anybody else can claim the credit, it has to be writer-director Shankar. A. R. Rahman's music is brilliant but unfortunately like in regular Tamil commercial films, most of the songs are love-dance themed and out of context. Nedumudi Venu manages in a role with not much support from the screenwriter. Manisha is used for the love theme and Sukanya is good at both ages she is portraying the character of Senapathy's wife. Like Amitabh Bachchan for Black, Kamal is the reason for Indian's presence here.

Best Scene         : Senapathy comes to home after escaping from the police in search of his son Chandru. His intention is to kill him for giving clearance to a bus that didn’t have proper brakes, after taking bribes. The bus had met with an accident killing may school children. When he reaches his home, he meets Chandru's lover (Manisha) who pleads to forgive Chandru. Senapathy responds by asking "How long since you know Chandru?". "6 months", came the answer. If you have seen Senapathy responding to that, then I bet you know why I selected this scene. I saw it long before, the dialogue starts as something like "I've been seeing him for 27 years. He is born after years of prayers.". This dialogue with Rahman's magical score in background and Kamal's shivering voice makes it one of the perfect scenes I have ever seen.

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