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Year of Release : 2002

Language           : French

Directed by        : Gaspar Noé

Cast                    : Monica Bellucci, Vincent Cassel, Albert Dupontel

Irréversible, officially IЯЯƎVƎЯSIBLƎ is a film from an industry almost in its ruins. The French film industry heavily suffered due to the TV and Hollywood invasions. Yet this one challenges them all and reminds viewers that the industry may be down, but not out. To start with, the film is in reverse chronology, means the end of the storyline is shown first, and the beginning of the story at the end. There are a few other films in this genre, but this film employs it in such a way that even the end-credits are shown first. The story is about Marcus(Cassel) and Pierre(Dupontel) avenging the brutal rape of the former's wife Alex(Bellucci). Both the rape and the act of vengeance, a murder are sown in full stretch so that that may leave many people disgusted. To add to it, there is a few minutes spent at films start when the camera runs amok accompanied by a highly uneasy music. No wonder Newsweek magazine reported it as the "most walked-out-movie of the year". Now I have to explain how such a film found its place in this list. The movie didn’t leave me disgusted, it left me thoughtful. It was about showing the act of vengeance before the act that caused it. I sensed that my mouth was opened in disbelief after knowing the vengeance was poured upon the wrong person. It was about the blindness that vengeance possesses. The zeal for vengeance can make people blind. I watched in shock while it is made clear that Alex is pregnant later in the movie, meaning that she was pregnant while getting raped. The camera lays still while the rape is being shown, and accompanied with shrieks of Alex reaping sheer terror and nothing erotic out of it. It was about speaking against violence by showing sheer violence. The film has a scene when Alex, Marcus and Pierre (Alex's ex) talking together on sex. Though, Alex first tries to keep away from the talk, she answers Pierre that she left him because he was caring too much about Alex while intercourse, and that Marcus was footloose and almost self-centred on bed. It was about the French's open mindedness in matters of sex and nudity. There is a scene when Marcus suggests anal intercourse and Alex implies she don’t like it. Later in the story, she is ass-raped by another footloose self-centred man. It was about the cruel mix of taste and distaste consuming you. The last scene of the film shows Alex laying in a park surrounded by children reading a book titled An Experiment with Time. It was about that also. Experimenting with time.

Best Scene         : The rape scene. It certainly doesn't belong to those type of great scenes which you love to watch again and again. It leaves you thoroughly disturbed to such a level that Alex's cries will reverberate in your ears when you hear the word rape at any time later.

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