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Top10 Films


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Jurassic Park

Year of Release  : 1993

Language            : English

Directed by         : Steven Spielberg

Cast                     : Sam Neill, Laura Dern, Jeff Goldblum, Richard Attenborough

Jurassic Park is a film that enthused me as a 9-year old. It made me aware of how wild imagination can go, how well it can be recreated. I watched with wonder and terror when the 'T Rex's went on rampage. I don’t think the synopsis or any further explanation for this film finding a place is required. The film set a milestone in computer aided graphics and in film history as well.

Best Scene         : Tough choice here. I will go for the scene in which a dinosaur was shown for the first time. It was when they gives a visit to the park in open vehicles. It was a huge one and I think the expression that Sam Neill and Laura Dern gave on their face resembled that of all people in the cinemas as well.

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