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Year of Release  : 1989

Language           : Malayalam

Directed by         : Sibi Malayil

Cast                  : Mohanlal, Thilakan, Kaviyoor Ponnamma, Keerikkadan Jose

Kireedam in Malayalam means crown. The story is about how a man loses his crown of social respect, which every person in society ought to have. The film starts with Achuthan Nair (Thilakan), a Police Constable dreamingabout his son Sethumadhavan (Mohanlal) becoming a Police Inspector. Sethumadhavan was highly likely to cherish his father's dream when fate takes a turn. Sethumadhavan, in an attempt to help his father from a local goon Keerikkadan Jose (Mohan Raj is his actual name, but the actor still is known by his character's name in the film), involves in fight with the goon and ends up in a criminal case. The way society typecasts a person is shown quite impressively. He is treated as a criminal by everyone, while Keerikkadan targets him. At the end Keerikkadan is killed by Sethumadhavan when the former tries to attack the latter and he retaliates. I think the role of Sethumadhavan is every actor's dream. It gives immense scope for exploring your abilities, but to portray the role is no child's play and I can't imagine anybody other than Mohanlal doing it this perfectly. Thilakan and Kaviyoor Ponnamma as Sethumadhavan's parents are excellent. M.G.Sreekumar's dsong "Kanneer poovinte..." is heart wrenching. The screenplay by Lohithadas and direction by Sibi Malayil are amazing. The film gives new dimentions to father-son relationship and we almost believe that Kaviyoor Ponnamma is indeed Mohanlal's mother.

Best Scene         : The scene in which Achuthan Nair beats up Sethumadhavan in jail is really poignant and was a strong contender for the best scene. But I think the best one is at the climax, after Sethumadhavan kills Keerikkadan at a crowded market and hysterically threatens to kill anybody who dares to come near him. It was then Achuthan Nair arrives at the scene and he asks Sethu to drop the knife he was carrying. When Sethu avoids that command, Achuthan Nair says "Its your father saying-drop the knife", and Sethu obeys it weeping loudly. It was only after my vision got blurred when I realised that my eyes were filled.

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