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Year of Release  : 1993

Language            : Malayalam

Directed by         : Fazil

Cast                     : Shobana, Mohanlal, Suresh Gopi, Nedumudi Venu, Vinaya Prasad

Manichithrathazhu is a special kind of ornate lock which was used in early Kerala architectures, especially in doors of rooms that deserved more safety. The film is a psychological thriller movie, starting a fresh genre of films in India. Nakulan(Suresh Gopi) and Ganga(Shobhana) have come back to their ancesterial home in Kerala for a vacation. Nakulan, Ganga and other family members starts to live in the mansion, after Nakulan brushed aside protests of his uncle Thampi(nedumudi Venu) concerning the presence of ghostly spirit of a Tamil girl named Nagavalli in the mansion who was killed by one of Nakulan's ancestors during the monarchy period. Thampi insists on not opening a locked room protected with strings of special power so as to constrain the spirit, and Ganga does exactly that out of curiosity. Strange things start to happen in the mansion even to the level of setting fire on Ganga's dress. While other family members believed that it was done by the ghost, Nakulan suspects his cousin Sreedevi(Vinaya Prasad). He calls his psychiatrist friend Dr. Sunny Joseph(Mohanlal) for help. Sunny discovers that the psychic problem is not with Sreedevi, and it is Ganga who got affected with Multiple Personality Disorder and caused all the trouble. Sunny takes some risk and cures Ganga out of the disorder with the help of a display of a 'pooja' so as to create the mood. Having said the story simply like this, the film's narration of it is very complex and highly effective. The screenplay by Madhu Muttom and direction by master director Fazil are first class. Mohanlal shines in his not-so-long role with his mannerisms, while it is Sobhana who rules the film. Her flawless acting raised the film to classic levels. The music by M.G.Radhakrishnan especially the "Oru murai..." song is brilliant. The background score by maestro Johnson is awesome. I still remember the impact of the music and Shobhana's class act in certain scenes in the cinema hall. The film was remade into 3 other Indian languages: Kannada, Tamil and Hindi. All the 3 remakes were big hits reaffirming the magic of the story.

Best Scene         : Dr.Sunny asks Nakulan to stop Ganga from going for shopping so as to explain Ganga's disorder . Nakulan asks Ganga not to go for shopping. When she asks why, Nakulan insists in an angry voice. Gradually Ganga's mannerisms, expressions and voice changes and transforms to the personality of Nagavalli and starts talking in Tamil and raises a nearby furniture with amazing power, much to the horror of Nakulan. This is the famous "Vidamatte" scene. See it once, and you will never forget it.

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