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Top10 Films


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Films that came really close

  1. Children of Heaven(1997, Iranian): This film directed by Majid Majidi really came close to displacing Irréversible out of its slot. Children of Heaven is a beautifully told story about two children and their simple dreams around a pair of shoes, on the backdrop of the Iranian social life. Watch it and you will know how a story that might even seem ridiculous is turned into a terrific film. This film is out just because it didn’t make me think as much as Irréversible did.
  2. Nayagan(1987, Tamil): Nayagan (the hero/leader), directed by Mani Ratnam was a close contender for the Tamil film slot, and is out maily due to ‘technical reasons’ rather than artistic ones. Firstly, there is a Mani Ratnam film (Roja) already in the list and I felt Roja is a better film than Nayagan. Secondly, there is a Mani Ratnam film already in the list so including another film by him doesn’t just seem right. Thirdly, Nayagan’s story seems to have highly inspired from The Godfather; and incidently, The Godfather is in the list.
  3. The Matrix(1999, English): The Matrix really challenged Jurassic Park, as an equally top-notch film with a storyline full of brains. The Matrix was much ahead in storywise, Jurassic park having the regular all-but-the-heroes-succumb-to-catastrophe line. But, to imagine the story which The Matrix has, the Wachowski brothers had to make sure that it is possible to reproduce it on screen. I believe Jurassic Park did it for them, because it inspired themes which could have been possible only with enough computer aided graphics.

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